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Watch now & attend ECR for FREE!

Watch now & attend ECR for FREE!

The ESR is giving away five free tickets to ECR 2020, with each ticket including a€400 accommodation voucher*.

To enter, simply ensure that you are an ESR Member and then use our online streaming platform on maiesr.org to re-watch the ESR AI Premium event, which is completely free of charge. Conditions You have to be an ESR Member or become an ESR Member for only €11/€0* by June 30 You have to log in and watch at least one video on maiesr.org before June 30 Detailed terms & conditions can be found here * Voucher can be redeemed via the ESR booking platform from early September onwards * Depending on your country of residence

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Intelligence. Innovation. Imaging. The main focus of this artificial intelligence event, which took place in Barcelona on April 5-6, was the basic technical principles of AI and how they are applied to diagnostic imaging and clinical applications. The basic concepts of machine and deep learning were explored, information about the type and consistency of imaging data processed by AI tools were taught, and the main potential and emerging clinical applications were revealed. Two special sessions brought a European flavour to the programme and in another one SME companies presented themselves and showcased their products and the advantages of using their AI solutions in different scenarios of their choice.

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