School of Pediatric Radiology NDSL
27.02.2021 807

School of Pediatric Radiology NDSL

Welcome to "Topic issues in Pediatric Radiation Therapy" -one-day School of Pediatric Radiology NDSL Okhmatdyt. 

Dr. Jamal Salen Mohammed Khader (Consult Radiation Oncologist King Hussein Cancer Center, Amman, Jordan) will talk about the latest updates in management of retinoblastoma and neuroblastoma radiotherapy treatment. Dr. Jamal will provide the masterclass on contouring for RT- specialists.


School will not leave indifferent pediatric radiotherapists, oncologists, ophthalmologists, radiologists.


The event is completely free of charge. Speaking languages: English and Ukrainian. The school will take place in the assembly hall of the new building of the National Children Specialized Hospital Okhmatdyt, entrance block E (Chornovola 28/1). Pre-registration for the School, especially the Master Class, is mandatory


Certificate of attendance equals 10 Ukrainian credits.