September 19–20, 2019

Course information
The course is designed for last year residents and recently board-certified
radiologists. It will collate knowledge in imaging of traumatic emergencies
from head to toe, aiming to enhance multidisciplinary patient management.
Didactic lectures followed by interactive workshops embrace a multimodality
approach to topics ranging from intracranial to spine, chest, abdominal, pelvic
and paediatric emergencies. Renowned European experts will present the latest
technical advances and imaging strategies to answer relevant clinical questions.
Learning objectives
• to understand the importance of body CT optimisation in trauma patient
• to be aware of the most important clinical questions that need to be answered
in optimising management of polytrauma patients
• to update knowledge of imaging features of the most common/important
traumatic emergencies
• to review the specificities of imaging in paediatric trauma

ESOR_2019_ASKLEPIOS_Warsaw_Emergency Radiology (Trauma)_web_final

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