Association of Radiologists of Ukraine

The Christmas and New Year Congratulation!

The Association of Radiologists of Ukraine is 27 years old

ассоциация радиологов украины

«Life goes on without any correction. Time flies at an unquenchable rapid pace». These are the words of a genius poetess Lina Kostenko about the transient nature of time. It feels that the Association of Radiologists of Ukraine (ARU) was conceived just recently.  The official celebration of this festive event took place on the 27th of May, 1992. But we have already had the honor to celebrate the silver jubilee of our radiological family.

During this time, the ARU became a powerful organization, which is a national industry leader and holds a worthy place in world radiology. The priority of the ARU is to increase the professional level of radiologists and protect their interests.

For this purpose, we organize seminars, schools, scientific-practical conferences and congresses, we are engaged in publishing activities, we cooperate with world leaders of the branch. But we also clearly understand that we are living in an era of over-complex technological challenges, and therefore need to constantly improve. The modern era of the genomic and digital revolution happening everyday imposes an imprint on the radiological reality, where competition with artificial intelligence is no longer a futuristic mystery. Could we be able to meet modern challenges?

If we are together – definitely, we are bound to succeed! We respect our experienced teachers and we are proud of our incredibly talented youths!

Not only do we cherish hope, but we also work diligently to ensure that the ARU is a large family of professionals respected in the global radiological community. We sincerely appreciate every opportunity to cooperate with you for the well-being of our radiological community!

Associated ARU members

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